Ahmad Kadi

  • In life there are certain things that we do that gives us meaning. It might be a job, a piece of music, a friend, or a family member, but for me it is creating art. It is something that gives me the opportunity to exhibit myself in my truest form and be who I am supposed to be in the most authentic way possible. Technology has helped me shaped the way I work and for that I am truly grateful. I am now able to reach a wider audience to whom I can bare my soul as an artist.

    My name is Ahmad Kadi and I am an illustrator by trade. I have been interested in this type of art ever since I can remember and I have been exposed to many different art forms during my younger years. All I have ever wanted to do was make my core visible to the public and I now have the opportunity to do so. I have been privileged enough to do some travelling in which I have been able to keep updated with the international trends in order to appease my clients all the time.

    I specialise in digital painting and work as a freelance artist. My most popular skills are drawing and sketching for private commissions, magazines, and newspapers. This is part of the commercial work that I do, but I also do individual pieces for the clients who contact me. Some of my styles include original abstract art, wall paintings, reproduction oil paintings, modern oil painting, sketching, pencil drawings, and canvas texture paintings. All of my artworks are 100% homemade and I spend a lot of time working on each of them until they are perfected. I am also proficient in Photoshop which is what makes my digital art so popular.

    Before I started working with portraits I started as a graphic designer in 2004. During this time I was working on children’s stories, colouring books, posters and gift packaging. In 2007, I moved on to the next stage of my career in outdoor advertising.Then I saw the importance of infographics and I continued developing my skills as a professional and was soon hired by one of the newspapers in Dubai in 2009. Here I portrayed all the writers of the newspaper and I found it quite interesting. I helped to give the newspaper a very unique look. 

    The newspaper gave me a platform to explore my creative talents and I started doing charcoal, watercolour, and digital portraits on the side. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to put all my energy into it full time. now I paint digitally but in a traditional way. I do a 100% original hand painting from start to finish and usually base my paintings on photos. These paintings are then transformed into digital masterpieces.

    Please feel free to have a look at my complete portfolio online.